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EMD SW1200, Plymouth W-Series 35-ton, & Plymouth ML-8 Switcher Comparison

Note: This post is currently a work in progress. I recently acquired the following engines and thought it would be helpful to review them for anyone else looking into getting one of these switchers for their layout.  First they are significantly different from each other in price and quality.  Great Northern EMD SW1200 by Rapido is a great little engine. I got the version that came with DCC and sounds.  The Undecorated Walther's ML-8 has had 2 runs and is not currently in production but if you dig around enough online you might be lucky enough to find one. I was able to find two 1 DC and the other DCC.  The Broadway Limited Imports Plymouth W-series 35-ton switcher is currently available in DC/DCC.  Broadway Limited Imports Plymouth W-series 35-ton switcher My only complaint about the three is that the BLI Plymouth Switcher's couplers are to floppy, that is have to much play in the vertical direction which effects how well it pulls something heavy. The DCC features include cont