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HO Scale Model Deck Barge Build Instructions

Inspired by a recent Model Railroader magazine article I decided to try and build a hopper barge and and got sidetracked on this deck barge. I chose to use card stock but polystyrene, matte board, or other products could also be used. I started by using Elmer's Glue All to laminate 4 pieces of letter sizes card stock together to get the stiffness I wanted which is about 0.04".  Tools & Materials Building material options: 4 sheets of card stock, polystyrene sheets, or matte board.  Glue: Aleene's® Tacky Glue, Elmer's® Glue All®, Thin Super Glue (CA) Sharp knife or scissors Printout of plans or ruler Details:  Cleats (6+). I put 3 on each side but I've also seen an additional 1 on each end.  Bit Bollards (4) Tire bumpers (about 60) Sealer such as Matte Medium or Enamel Clear matte finish. Paint Weathering materials Build Steps Build Material: Print out the provided template ( PDF )  and laminate with 4 sheets of card stock. Or whatever thickness seems appropriat